Attracting clients can be a challenging endeavor.

Workologee streamlines the process for you.

Meet the Masterminds behind Workologee

Gurpreet Kaur

Gurpreet Kaur is a formidable force in India’s entrepreneurial landscape. With over 17 years of professional expertise spanning Delivery, Human Resources, Research, Training, and Marketing, she exemplifies exceptional business acumen and versatility. From spearheading the establishment of India operations for the world’s largest sales intelligence company to serving clients across China, India, Israel, and the US, she has earned immense respect from industry leaders for her unwavering passion and talent in sales.

Pankaj Sharma

With over 17+ years of profound expertise, Pankaj Sharma is a leading authority in Lead Generation Delivery Operations. He has successfully managed 100+ projects for 30+ esteemed clients, including Tier 1, 2, and 3 IT companies in India, USA, and China. His leadership extends to diverse projects utilizing Cold Calling and Hyper-Personalized Emails.

Pankaj is highly regarded for his strong work ethic and exceptional organizational skills. A true people person, he ensures that everything on his daily To-do lists is efficiently ticked off by the end of each day.

Opt for Workologee, bid farewell to

Client acquisition complexities

Low-paying temporary leads

Compliance and client convenience conflicts

Backend inefficiencies hindering growth

Say hello to:

Streamlined appointment setting and client acquisition

Long-term, high-ticket clients

Reach your Ideal Customer Profile faster

Exponential business growth through efficient backend services

Specializing in sales outsourcing, Workologee is fueled by a relentless commitment to sales enablement and client satisfaction. Our primary goal is to empower businesses with our sales productivity tools to not only survive but thrive. In addition, we streamline operations by efficiently managing appointment scheduling for your esteemed clientele. We cherish long-lasting collaborations with our clients, placing personalized assistance at the forefront. Our pledge is to fully grasp your distinct business needs and customize our services to align perfectly. Together, we will drive towards accomplishing your aspirations.

Why Workologee ?

Entrepreneurial Agility

As a nimble organization, we swiftly adapt and pivot our strategies to meet dynamic challenges.

Tailored Solutions

Through hands-on collaboration, we craft personalized services that precisely align with our client’s unique requirements.

Demonstrated Success

With a proven track record in lead nurturing strategies and back-end management, we consistently deliver exceptional results for our clients.

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